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I tried downloading a book but my book does not download

An internet connection is required when downloading. Check that you are on a network.

How do I delete my items in the 'Bookshelf' ?

1) Click on the top right menu icon -> Select Edit -> Select the items to delete by clicking on the thumbnail -> Select 'Delete Book' -> Click 'Finish' when done 




2) Select and hold the item until the book is selected -> Select 'delete book -> Click 'Finish' when done

I just purchased a book that uses SnapLearn. How do i download it?

Depending on the book you have purchased, different methods are used for different books 


1) Select the 'Scan' button (between 'Bookstore' & 'Social') -> Scan the ISBN/Barcode/QR Code on the book -> Follow on screen instructions


2) Use the 'Search' engine (top of the 'Bookstore') -> Key in the 'bookname' you have just purchased -> Select the book -> Click on 'Download'


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