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Medically Accurate Human Anatomical Models

What we do

Increase Reader’s Engagement

Improve Learner’s Understanding

Enrich Visitor’s Experience

AR / VR opens up exciting new ways of story-telling for publishers. Turn every book into a digital content platform with our proprietary engine.

Humans are visual animals. By visualising 3D objects through AR / VR, we help learners improve understanding and increase knowledge retention.

By overlaying digital AR / VR content onto physical exhibits, we help to transform the static viewing experience into an interactive journey.

Patented Technology:
Our patented core technology stems from 15 years of fundamental research from one of the top research Universities in the world.
Domain Expertise:
We are specialists in AR / VR, digital publishing, games and design; AND
also educators and parents who are passionate about learning!  
Having our own technology engine means lower cost of production and faster development; savings that we pass to partners.
About us

MXRi is a specialist provider of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions in the field of training, education and publishing.

We trace our roots back to the MXR labs in the
National University of Singapore (NUS) where the fundamental technology behind our SnapLearn platform is patented and exclusively licensed from NUS Enterprise.


Our co-founders are passionate about making reading and learning more enjoyable. The SnapLearn app and platform brings to bear our collective experience in Digital Publishing, Games and Design.

Dr. Steven Zhou


Chairman, MXR Corp

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Assoc Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Deputy Director, NUS Suzhou Research Institute

Lifetime Fellowship of World Technology Network (Education)

Gerald Cai

MD/ Business Partner
Co-Founder, MXRi

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Head of Learning & Reading,
(MSC) Samsung Asia 

Regional Director,
Pearson APAC


MD, Questation

e-Learning Pte Ltd

Teo Chor Guan

Program Partner

Co-Founder, MXRi

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Executive Director,

Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Software Engineering Manager,

Lucasfilm Animation

Developer Lead,

Electronic Arts Canada

Juliana Goh

Design Partner

Co-Founder, MXRi

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ASEAN Creative Director,
IBM Interactive Experience

Head of Creative,
(MSC) Samsung Asia 

Associate Creative Director,

POSSIBLE Worldwide


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